Professional handling

We will ensure a professional presentation of the dog at the exhibition. We can lend an exhibition guide. We groom the dog before showing it. We will arrange registration in the certificate of origin. We will also bring beautiful photos and video from the exhibition.


We will arrange the transport of the dog to the exhibition. We use a Mercedes V with a professional interior for transport. Walking, serving water and food is a matter of course. If necessary, we will also provide accommodation.

Care and advice

We will advise you on dog care - nutrition, cosmetics. We will help prepare the dog for the exhibition - grooming, bathing. We will also provide training so that the dog feels at home in the show ring.

Which exhibitions will we be at?

WRITE TO US IN THE CONTACT FORM OR AT julie.chocholata@chocholati.cz



I "jumped" into the show carousel three years ago... After one experience that was truly unforgettable for me, I declared that I would never let go of my four-legged darlings, which I had as children, and send them alone to a show. .. Until I met the Puppets...words cannot describe their love for pet animals... I always look forward to meeting this wonderful family and so do my pets! I can only recommend it in every way and look forward to further cooperation!

Kateřina Mašindová Johnová

Australian Shepherd EMA

Handling Julie and Julinka! In one word, perfection. For the first time in 2021, I entrusted them with our two puppies for exhibition and I can't say a single complaint. Professional but mainly personal approach to each of the puppies. Absolutely perfect performance, very nice and always smiling girls and perfect arrangement! I will gladly entrust the girls to them at any time, because the dogs can't get better care than the Crested girls anywhere else. I look forward to further cooperation

Petra Ševčíková

Australian Shepherd PIXEL

Thank you for the professional handling - individual approach and the needs of each dog in and outside the ring.

Zdena Koldová

Australian Shepherd IZULKA

Julinka immediately wins the favor of every dog and watching her show professionally is an experience.

Věra Hrubešová

Berňáček CYRIL

I am an ordinary dog owner who wants his dog to be presented in its best light. And in order not to spoil Cale's presentation as an inexperienced person, I decided to contact professionals for the demonstration at the exhibition. And I certainly didn't regret it. In the ring, I didn't even recognize my dog in the hands of the handler, and that's in a good way. And I think she didn't even miss me. The presentation was always very professional, but at the same time very sensitive to the individuality of my canine partner. A big plus was the fact that it was not an obstacle that they were exhibiting a frightened adolescent dog. So, I recommend to all who, like me, are not exhibition matadors, not to be afraid to turn to experienced ones. In addition to a nice show, your havan will also take away a positive experience. And you don't have to stress in the circle and fear that you will mess it up for him.


Australian Shepherd CALA

Photos from handling