Our pack


Blacktricolor dog, born on 25/09/2019

Breeding dog, Champion of Poland, athlete, lover of his mistress and the ring, all this is Docík. The spirit of a cheerful puppy full of energy slumbers in a large muscular body.

The associate professor is already the father of four litters of beautiful puppies. In a number of exhibition successes, the title Champion of Poland stands out in particular. He is also dedicated to agility. Thanks to regular exercise, he has a beautiful body structure and excellent movement.


Blacktricolor female, born 23/11/2020

Junior Champion, Multi Champion, Grand Champion and athlete, Julinka's great love and inseparable friend and partner of Docent and Stellinka, that's our little girl Lexinka. Unrelenting energy, but also concentration and drive for the goal.

In less than a year, she and Julinka achieved many show successes. At the world exhibition in Brno, she placed second. He is the Junior Champion of Poland and won many first places with Docent in pairs. Like Docík, he is dedicated to agility and other sports.


Redmerle female, born 19/1/2022

An energetic, smart young lady who still has everything ahead of her. She has already shone at exhibitions several times and will continue to shine. We train together for the first tests in dog dancing, rally obedience and obedience.


Redtricolor dog, born 5/9/2019

Our first Australian Shepherd. Big mazel, lover of long walks in the forest and swimming. He engages in dog dancing with Julinka. He likes attention, he is an excellent actor and a real clown. She is also a great photo model-:). The biggest reward for him is a stuffed animal, of which he already has a full pen.